Reasons to switch to natural products

Reasons to switch to natural products

The clean beauty revolution has already started in skincare, makeup and fragrances.
Natural products are now taking the lead. Indeed, a growing number of today’s consumers are in favor of buying natural products.

People now are more cautious about the toxic effects that chemicals can have on their skin and health.
Let’s list some of these negative effects:

  • Toxic chemicals, such as Parabens, can contribute to the risk of cancer and reproductive issues. Used in many personal care products such as shampoos and moisturizers, parabens are one of the chemicals that we should avoid.

  • Another toxic chemical that can cause health risks is Talc: used in various makeup products including blushes and eye shadows, this product can cause infections and inflammation.

  • Also included in many products, aluminum salts are linked to breast cancer. Indeed, aluminum salts are often used in antiperspirants to control sweat.

Let’s not forget to talk about animal testing!
In a world were “Cruelty-free” has become a buzzword, cosmetics and fragrances companies are taking a new approach. Where in some brands, animals are still suffering and dying to test shampoos, mascaras and other beauty products, other brands took the next level and eliminated the animal testing from their process.  

Here’s our favorite pick of natural and cruelty-free deodorant brand:

Aspel Fragrances is a brand of deodorant which formula is vegan, aluminum free and made without parabens, propylene, glycol, talc and artificial colors.

Last but not least, Aspel Fragrances can replace both: your deodorant and perfume. Sophisticated yet very fresh, Aspel Fragrances offers a selection of deodorants for both, men and women.

Another brand that is also committed to the elimination of animal testing is Benefit Cosmetics. Click here to check their products:

So careful when buying your beauty products! Know what are the right ingredients for your skin and environment!

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