How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

The problem is not the perfume, nor your skin, its how to apply that perfume on your skin!

Who doesn’t want the perfume to stay more then 2 hours without fading away?

You can find below some successful and guaranteed tips to make your perfume last longer and make the scent more concentrated:

1. Don’t store your perfumes in your bathroom or you Car!

Steam, heat and temperature changes especially the sun light if you store them in your car will break down the perfume ingredients and reduce the intensity of the perfume.

You should always keep your fragrances in cool and dry place to keep their concentration.

2. Apply the fragrance right after you finish your shower

When you finish your shower, all your pores will be open and that will make the scent you apply stick to your skin and lock the scent.

Make it your daily routine and you will never forget!

3.Never Ever Rub your perfume on your wrist or anywhere else

Whenever your rub the fragrance after applying, you will be breaking uo the perfume composition and that will help that scent to fade away faster then intended.

4.Vaseline can be your best friend!

The secret is to rub Vaseline on the pulse points you want to apply the perfume on.

The Vaseline helps the scent stick to your skin rather then applying to dry skin.

5. Apply on where your heart tells you.

Whenever you apply the scent on your pulse points, the perfume will react to your body and helps developing the fragrance.

Body pulse points:

  • the inner wrists
  • The base of the throat
  • Behind ear lobes
  • The cleavage
  • Behind knees
  • Inner elbows

6. Matchy Matchy with a body lotion

If you are running low on your perfume fragrance and you cant buy another one  at that moment, go for a body lotion, and unscented one.

Grab the last drops of your fragrance and pour it in a body lotion or hand cream.

7. Layer up

Most people do it, but don’t admit it.

The secret to a complicated, mysterious fragrance is to layer up 2 perfumes at once.

You can try it by mixing combination of your perfume together and choose the one you like most and try it on your skin.

Always apply the heavy scent first and reapply the lighter one after it.

You are basically then customizing your own special scent.