Common Makeup Mistakes We All DO!

Common Makeup Mistakes We All DO!

Not all of us are makeup artists and not all of us can perfect our makeup looks or at at least our wanna be looks!

You might be surprised from some of the mistakes all women commit around the world.

Let’s check some common mistakes and try to correct them to perfect our natural beauty.

1. Using The Wrong Primer For Your Foundation or NOT using a Primer at ALL

If you don’t use any primer, your making a huge mistake! Primers are used to help makeup last longer, smooth the skin’s surface, and even out the skin tone, specially if you have big pores, then you’ll need a special primer for that.

If you use a primer, you have to check if you are using the right one, but HOW?

When applying check the ingredients in your foundation so you can match it with the primer from the same base.

Type of foundation bases can be made from water, silicone or oil, so you’ll have to match a primer with the same base.

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2.Bronzing Gone Wrong

Applying bronzer to add a tanned glow to you makeup looks can be a great way to reach your wanted looks, however you have to be careful not to apply the bronzer on all your face, as it would be a disaster!

Try to apply the bronzer in applying it with the brush making the shape of the number 3 , making sure that you only apply the bronzer on you cheekbones not on your cheeks.

One of the best sellers that we recommend is Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer

3.WaterProof Mascara is the not the answer

Who doesn’t love long, volumized lashes? We all do, but wearing waterproof mascara in all times can end up ruining your lashes.

The formula that makes the mascara water resistant ends us drying your lashes not to mention the amount of time it takes us to remove the mascara using a bunch of oil removers and coconut oil.

The best time to wear the waterproof mascara is on a beach day or you have a wedding, or bachelor party.

4.Your Brows also need some Makeup 

Having defined brows can definitely change your look, and that is why you can’t ignore them anymore.

The trick here is to actually put some makeup on your brows, but not actually making them natural .

You can use some light eye pencil or powder to set their shape and make them intense and fuller.

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5.Pump up your lips with a Lip Liner

Lets not lie, we all want fuller and bigger lips. Using a lip liner can be successful tool to amplify and pump your natural lip line.

But there’s the trick, you cannot over outline your lips, doing that the liner will definitely be exposed.

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