The Mindful Kit

50.00 $



What you need to know:

Wise & enlightened, she’s present with full consciousness and connectedness.

Through its instinctual beauty, the feminine energy resulted in the formulation of the Mind, Heart and Soul! While every woman is a combination of all three, each one is distinctive. Visionary, Avant-Garde, and Mindful are three women who exist in synergy to better human kind, despite their differences.

A tale imagined by Potion Kitchen!

The Mindful Kit includes:

  • Harmony Hand & Body Wash – 300 ml
  • Jasmine Body Oil
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • Complimentary Vanity Cloth Pouch

Please check each product individually.

The products are arranged inside the Vanity Cloth Pouch, shown in the picture, that is offered for free.