Sense of Home

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What you need to know:

An exploration of what it means to be at home, in our bodies, in our spaces, and in our world.

Yet another year of self-discovery and endless stimulation goes by! A year that challenged us to rethink our definition of home.

Union & Balance are the fruits of an extensive creative journey blending research, trial and error, introspection and perseverance.

Home is everything we can’t live without or away from. It’s anyone or anything we once cherished that still holds pieces of ourselves deep within, reviving the little voice in our head that whispers: You’ll never be completely at home anywhere!

Inside the Box:

  • Balance Hand & Body Wash – 300 ml: A generous hand & body wash formula with skin softening and nourishing ingredients, that gently emulsifies and removes dirt while leaving skin thoroughly cleansed. Herbal and citrus essential oils contain antioxidants that leave skin looking radiant and refreshed while providing uplifting properties. 
  • Union Cedarwood Scented Soy Candle – 220 g: Infused with an eternal whisper of age-old cedarwood, our Union Candle is an open invitation to celebrate the power of unison, the feast of reunion and the dream of our unity as mankind.  Made with 100% vegetable soy wax, pure essential oil, and cotton wick, our artisanal scented candles are proudly poured in Beirut.

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