Prada- Luna Rossa Black

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About The Fragrance :

Prada Black, the latest expression of Prada Luna Rossa, is a perfect companion to the Prada man’s collection of tailored suits, high tech sneakers, and unexpected prints. Prada Black’s ripple effect is hard to trace but undeniably present. The Eau de Parfum’s inspiration derives from the poignancy of urban exploration, or the sense of excitement one feels when discovering a new side to his own cityscape.


Like a vivacious hub full of possibilities and hazard, sweeter details fizz over woody Amber for a mesmerizing, almost disorienting effect. Energetic upon introduction—topped with Bergamot and Angelic—a Patchouli Coumarine heart gives way to a moody base. Seductive first and charming second, the Eau de Parfum Prada Black is soft upon introduction but leaves a distinct, moody impression.

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