Mandarin & Spices Shaving Cream in Plexi Jar

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About the product:

A shaving cream in a traditional solid version according to our ancient recipe scented with a distinct fragrance of Mandarin & Spices – an intriguing, and at the same time vital, aroma that conveys energy and passion – and formulated with precious natural ingredients and no dyes or preservatives facilitate shaving, allowing a gentle glide of the blade. At the end of the shave, the skin will be soft and velvety.

Presented in a 150ml resealable plexi jar.

The combination of mandarin and spice is one of harmony and passion. Volatile and sweet mandarin fragrances harmonize with the spiced ones of cinnamon and pepper and excellent fragrance pyramid is created. It is an exotic fragrance that gives you a deep pleasure making the shaving a simply wonderful experience.

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