Lavender sea salt

950,000 LBP

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About The Product :

The naturally extracted salt from the sea and the lavender petals taken from the botanic gardens of Bader Hassoun Eco Village created an exceptional product that has become a must-have in every house, spa and nail salon. When applied in water, this product creates a pleasure for it detoxifies the body from all diseases such as fungus, bacteria and pain leaving the body in a tranquilizing state. The lavender petals add a value to this product by providing a relaxing unforgettable scent. This product is especially used in nail care centers for removing dead cells and healing the feet. It also serves as a treatment for acne and can be used for the body in the bathtub for a complete treatment.

Ingredients: sea salt, sesame oil, lavender essential oil, lavender leaf and flower extract. 


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