Iris Nobile Precious Bath & Shower Gel

4,845,000 LBP

SKU: 45037


About The Product:

Iris Nobile, the most iconic of Acqua di Parma’s female fragrances, a precious ingredient from the great Italian perfumery tradition in a new re-interpretation.For a sophisticated woman with classic taste who enjoys standing out by choosing only the best. The iris is the most regal of flowers. Its purple has enormous personality: deep, female, intense. It is the emblem of Florence, cradle of the Italian renaissance. Its velvety perfume fascinated Florentine noblewomen, such as Caterina de Medici, who used it to create her own personal fragrance, dubbed ‘Acqua della Regina’. Its aristocratic elegance graced Italy’s noble gardens and villas, the ideal environment for majestic and characterful femininity.

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