Dandelion twinkle powder highlighter Mini Size

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What it is:

A sheer face powder that brightens up your skin and takes your complexion from dull to radiant instantly.

What it does:

This versatile makeup can be used as a blush or finishing powder. Upon application, it leaves your cheeks with a fresh pop of pink that lasts for hours.

As a blush:
Use the brush to lightly pick up the blush powder, tapping away any excess.
Gently sweep back and forth across the apple of your cheeks, across the forehead and down the center of your nose.

As a finishing powder:
Before applying face powder, make sure foundation and concealer are applied.
Using a brush, pick up the powder and tap away the excess.
In circular motions, buff the powder onto all areas of the face.
Brush towards the outer edge of the face to blend.


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