Blu Mediterraneo Cedro Di Taormina Gel Doccia

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The look embraces the clear sea, softly brushed by the light of day. Peace lies all around. The air is clear and carries on it the subtle, crisp scent of cedar trees blooming in neighbouring citrus gardens. Intricate alleys and medieval pathways suddenly widen to house magnificent baroque palaces and the stalls of the ancient Greek theatre appear unexpectedly. In the distance sparkling vapours announce the presence of the Etna. The scent unique to this city of the Italian Mediterranean basin, where opposing, yet not conflicting emotions blend together like nowhere else. Acqua di Parma renews once again the sensory charm of the Blu Mediterraneo fragrance collection, each inspired by an ingredient epitomizing a place, a coastal region, or a landscape and evoking its unforgettable atmosphere. One of these is Cedro di Taormina.

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