‘Axolute’ Homme Shaving Cream Mousse

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About the product:

Highly moisturizing and soothing shaving mousse in our fresh citrus fragrance, Axolute. Thanks to its active ingredients, including Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, you get a soft and velvety shaving cream in an aerosol can that is highly moisturizing. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Axolute is a fresh citrus fragrance with a Mediterranean touch, including spicy notes and woody and musky base notes. It expresses a character that is strong, masculine and full of enthusiasm.

The citrus top note is intoxicating and intense and even reaches the point of capturing the soul when it is combined with the warm and spicy notes of ginger and floral notes of orange blossom in a sublime union with the woody and musky base notes.

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