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Discover our new on-the-go eye palette that contains 8 eyeshadows and 1 highlighter to create trendy looks for any occasion.

ARTIST COLOR PRO PALETTE – Eyeshadow palette
Discover our 3 pro-crafted eye palettes inspired from our makeup artists’ favorite shades to create trendy looks for any occasion with no compromise on performance.
Each eyeshadow palette contains 8 eyeshadows and 1 highlighter to bring anywhere.

Each eye palette has been specifically handpicked by our pros to give you the daily dose of color that you need. The eyeshadows are mistake-proof and can all be mixed.

Intense payoff & 12hour wear eyeshadows that perfectly blend.

Combine eyeshadows and highlighter for daily to artistic looks.

Available in 3 harmonies:

1. GINGER: a spicy eye palette featuring highly pigmented ginger hued shades, from glittery browns and rich coppers to matte nudes, magnified by a bold yellow.

Shades: Artist Color Shadows D410, M608, M647, M510, M402, ME654, D652, ME728 + Highlighter H106.

2. BERRY: a trendy eye palette with highly pigmented berry-hued shades, from intense matte plummy tones to sweet nudes and pinks, amplified by a vibrant burgundy.

Shades: Artist Color Shadows D716, M608, S814, I808, D826, M856, M847, M647 + Highlighter H102.

3. TANGERINE: a playful eye palette made up of highly pigmented tangerine-hued shades, from shimmery corals and bright nudes to warm mattes, highlighted by a daring orange.

Shades: Artist Color Shadows ME654, D750, M748, M705, I722, D716, M732, D712 + Highlighter H106.

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