Build Your Own Skin Care Routine

Build Your Own Skin Care Routine

Everyone wants a smooth, clear and perfect skin, and to get that YOU must follow a type of skincare routine starting with the basics.

You have to start with the basics, and once you get them right, it will make all the difference!

And one more things, never say later, you have to be committed to get results.

1.  Start with Peeling

You do not have to do the peeling everyday, just once a week or every 8 days depending on what you make your skin go throughout the day.

When you peel, you will be stimulating new collagen and healthy skin cell growth, which will make you skin looks more volumized and pumped.

2. Cleanse Your Way There

Cleansing your face should be the first thing you do in the morning.

You should be able to ask your doctor or pharmacist for the right cleanser for your skin type as you should be able to cleanse without drying out your skin.

If you felt like your skin wasn’t cleanse as much as you need, it will be an extra benefit to cleanse one more time!

3. Use a SERUM, not just a Hydration Cream

Serums have active ingredients in them that will give you a fresher and healthier look as you apply it on your skin deeply

Always apply a serum directly after cleansing and before your moisturizer or sunscreen.

Another reason to be excited about is that when you apply the serum, it helps reducing the aging process, it helps the plumping process and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Try to get a serum that contains vitamin C as it would be a great plus!

4.Hydrate it with a Moisturizer

Moisturizing is a very important step for every person to provide their skin with all natural nutrients that will help reduce the effects of aging and wrinkles.

If you forget to apply the moisturizer, your skin will eventually start showing some redness and dryness.

It only takes a couple of seconds so it shouldn’t be any problem. You can apply it in the car or at work first thing if you don’t have time.

5. Your Eye Areas Count too

Eye contour cream for the most important part of your face, your Eye Contour Area.

Men and Women, all suffer from dark circles and pumped bags that will make you look tired and sleepy.

That is why you should aim on fixing that problem by applying a eye contour cream so that you can help move the blood’s micro circulation in that area.

It wont’t be fast and it will take time, but that why its called a routine.

6.This one is for the ladies, Perfect your Lips!

Having your lips plumped and soothed feels so good its priceless.

Apply it before you put on lipstick any lip product not after and repeat it through the day to have about 8 layers throughout the day.